The Root Cause of Protest: Radical Income Inequality

African Americans are heavily represented among the have-nots of this country

By John Komlos Even conservative Republican Alan Greenspan, an ardent advocate of free markets, is beginning to see inequality as a fundamental threat to the system and admits that, “You cannot have the benefits of […]

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You Can’t Justify Inequality That Begins in the Womb.

Sadly, zip codes of birth do matter in the U.S. and they matter more than you think.

By John Komlos The Nobel Prize winning economist, James Heckman reasoned in a recent book, “Giving Kids a Fair Chance,” that, “the accident of birth is the greatest source of inequality in America today. Children […]

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How Trickle-Down Economics Ruined the Economy and Helped Trump Win

The establishment was good at making big promises, but in the end, they left few crumbs on the table for the middle class

By John Komlos The media is inundated with pundits analyzing the unexpected rise of demagoguery. I would like to add my own: the establishment’s utter loss of credibility. Abraham Lincoln’s warning, “you cannot fool all […]

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