Lessons from the Leading Game Theorist

Interview with Robert Axelrod

By Eric Michael Johnson Why do we choose to cooperate and how can we promote greater cooperation in world affairs? These are the questions that Robert Axelrod has pursued for more than 40 years. His […]

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How Cooperatives Are Driving the New Economy

The corporate workplaces probably aren’t in sync with our evolutionary roots and may not be good for our long-term success

By Eric Michael Johnson A century ago, industrialists like Andrew Carnegie believed that Darwin’s theories justified an economy of vicious competition and inequality. They left us with an ideological legacy that says the corporate economy, […]

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Ayn Rand vs. Anthropology

Did natural selection favor individualists or altruists?

By Eric Michael Johnson Black-and-white colobus monkeys scrambled through the branches of Congo’s Ituri Forest in 1957 as a small band of Mbuti hunters wound cautiously through the undergrowth, joined by anthropologist Colin Turnbull. The […]

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